Monthly Fitness Coloring Planner Journal


Print out this month-long planner journal each month to track and journal your fitness journey.  Contains 7 monthly pages and 9 pages for each week in a month – 55 pages in all! Now includes a bonus of 12 monthly calendars for 2018!


Use this monthly planner journal to track your fitness journey. Included are 7 monthly pages:

  • My reason for wanting to get fit page
  • Progress tracker
  • Before and after photo placeholders
  • Motivations page
  • Goals page

Weekly sheets include:

  • Daily gratitude journal page
  • Prograss tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Exercise tracker
  • Hydration tracker
  • Meal Planner
  • Grocery planner
  • How did I do this week summary journal page

Buy it once download and use it over and over again.

*** Update*** I’ve just added a bonus of 12 calendars for 2018. The bonus is in the downloadable file received after purchasing.


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